Samsung HM100UI No-Spin Data Recovery Steps


This is one Samsung 1TB HM100UI portable hard drive ‘no-spin’ data recovery case study from one user in Sudan.

These two clients from Sudan came to China for business and wish to start a data recovery business with Dolphin data recovery solutions. The client brought one dead Samsung HM100UI hard drive to Dolphin head office to see how the dead Samsung hdd could be recovered.

This Samsung portable patient hard drive suffered sudden power loss and then the drive was not spinning at all. The USB interface is not native USB but USB to SATA converter. After removing the USB-SATA converter, it’s one Samsung HM100UI SATA hard drive, connecting the patient drive to DFL-SRP data recovery hardware, powered on the patient hdd, still not spinning at all.

To fix this case, the engineer found one donor PCB of the same PCB number, the engineer copied the donor ROM and tried to write the patient ROM to donor PCB, but after installing the donor PCB to patient HDD, it didn’t spin too. This means the patient HDD rom contents were corrupted.

So what to do to recover the lost data from this HM100UI no-spinning patient hard drive. Users can read the complete HM100UI no-spinning data recovery case study here.

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