ST2000DM008 Nohost Data Recovery Steps-Easy Fix


This is one patient Seagate ST2000DM008 hdd firmware repair and data recovery case with NoHost failure and Dolphin engineer helped the user recover the lost data 100%.

This ST2000DM008 patient hdd was fixed by DFL-ST USB3.0 HDD firmware repair tool easily.

When this patient ST2000DM008 hdd was received, the COM terminal reported Nohost failure and the data area was fully locked. The user unlocked the hdd and copied the important SYS files.

Next the DFL user tried all the standard steps to fix the patient HDD, such as clearing g-list, clearing smart, regenerate translator, Initialize by ID, etc. But finally all the methods failed to fix the nohost failure, the nohost error message remained in the COM terminal.

Next the engineer just used some simple steps to fix the nohost failure, users can read the full ST2000DM008 Nohost Data Recovery case study in the Dolphin user-only forum.

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