Seagate ST3500418AS Nohost Data Recovery Solution


This is one Seagate Pharaoh ST3500418AS HDD data recovery case study with Nohost firmware corruption and this case was fixed by DFL-Seagate firmware repair tool.

For 3F-Pharaoh family, nohost failure is very common firmware issue. For some cases, it’s easy to fix it. Users just need to enter F3 T>, backup rom and important firmware modules and then users can clear glist, clear smart and then regenerate translator, power off and on, the drive is fixed.

For some cases of nohost failure in 3F family, such as the case discussed in this article, it is different from the standard cases. Because no matter what commands are executed in the COM terminal, the nohost issue remains and the failure is not fixed at all.

For above special nohost failure case, users need to enter DFL Seagate hdd firmware repair program, go to Menu>ROM Operations>NOHOST(3F) and users can generate one new nohost ROM and then users can write the new hostROM. After the new ROM is written, users need to power off and on the HDD and then go to COM terminal, clear glist, smart and regenerate translator.

Nohost firmware corruption issue is common in other Seagate HDD families, users cannot generate nohost rom then. For other families, users need to use the standard method or users can change the ROM modules and load loaders to check.

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