Seagate LX SSHD Unlock Data Recovery Solution is Available


Dolphin engineer had written one technique support article about the data recovery solution from Seagate LX SSHD hard drives but at that time, it’s not possible to unlock the firmware area and repair firmware failure.

Read the previous technique article: ST500LX012 ST500LX025 ST1000LX015 ST2000LX001 SSHD Data Recovery Solution

Now it is possible with DFL Seagate HDD repair program to unlock Seagate LX SSHD hard drives. The program is already available in Dolphin user-only forum.

With the same firmware unlock steps (for data recovery purpose only), users just need to backup ROM, generate unlock ROM, write unlock ROM, power off and on, send unlock key, backup important sys and then start firmware repair.

For many common firmware problems, users just need to have some simple clicks to finish the repair.

All DFL Seagate users can login the Dolphin user-only forum here to get the Seagate HDD Repair Program for free:

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