Seagate ST2000LM007 SP Regen FAIL Update Mask Data Recovery Steps


This Seagate patient HDD was recovered fully by Dolphin remote data recovery system and the user is one Indian DFL user. When the user connected the patient HDD to DFL-SRP Seagate HDD firmware repair tool,  powered on the HDD and got the “SP Regen FAIL, Update Mask” error and cannot enter F3 T>.The following are the error messages:

Boot 0x80M
Rst 0x80M
Srv DETCR init 0x0000

(P) SATA Reset


(DOS Table) Worst Count: 00000EC2 At SU: 0015EE5D NT: 00000000 OT: 00000001
(POR) Recover Secondary MCMT Opened Recovered
(MC POR Duration): 0000000166

Intel 6G->3G

Send Status: COMRESET seen

CSpd= 3Gbps


Update Mask – 000000002B24DFF0 – 00000008 – 00

Update Mask – 000000002B24DFF8 – 00000008 – 00

Update Mask – 000000002B24E000 – 00000008 – 00

Update Mask – 000000002B24E008 – 00000008 – 00

Update Mask – 000000002B24E010 – 00000008 – 00

Update Mask – 000000002B24E098 – 00000008 – 00

Update Mask – 000000002B24E0A0 – 00000008 – 00

Starting LBA of RW Request=000564855A Length=00001DB0

ProcessRWError -Read- at LBA 0005649C39 Sense Code=43110081
Out: [PRA]!

Update Mask – 000000002B24E2F0 – 00000008 – 00

Update Mask – 000000002B24E2F8 – 00000008 – 00

Update Mask – 000000002B24E300 – 00000008 – 00

Update Mask – 000000002B24E308 – 00000008 – 00

Common path start quit now
ProcessRC: 00000000,00000000
ReadContinuous: 05649C63,00000233
TotalEntries:0000 XfrLen:0233
NumUDEs: 00000000,00000000
Failed: 40000087


SPRegen [0000|03110488] @LBA=0x05649C64

Setup currentretry count
Hd 3 Err Blk 5649C64 BER pre -1.827226


Update Mask – 000000002B24E320 – 00000008 – 00

Harden – 05649C64

InitiateMarkPendingReallocateRequest for disc_lba: 0005649C64 CHS: 00013215.03.00C6
Assert 741D – LBA 05649C64!

Starting LBA of RW Request=000564855A Length=00001DB0

ProcessRWError -Read- at LBA 0005649C65 Sense Code=43110081

Common path start quit now
ProcessRC: 00000002,00000000
ReadContinuous: 05649C65,00000231
TotalEntries:000D XfrLen:0231
NumUDEs: 0000000D,0000000C
Failed: 40000087

To fix the patient HDD, the engineer managed to grasp the right time to enter F3 T>, made a backup of the original ROM, generated unlock rom, wrote unlock ROM,powered off and on, send unlock key, grasped the right time to enter F3 T>, backup the NGlist, cleared glist, regenerated translator, initialized ID by ATA.

Users can watch the video case study below:

After firmware repair, the engineer opened DDP data recovery program to recover the lost data.