Segate ST4000DM000 Recovery Request from Poland

The following is one user from Poland who want to buy DFL-SRP All-In-One USB 3.0  to recover lost data from his patient Segate ST4000DM000 hard drive.


I tried to make a clone copy of this damaged disk and I have about 60%success, now the drive hangs after few % of capacity. There was dirty connections between electronic and disc body.

I think that I needDFL-SRP All-In-One USB 3.0 to seek much more data and maybe a softwareto correct other problems. How much it will be cost?

Approximately with shipment and other costs?

As for above ST4000DM000 hard drive, it can be Seagate firmware issue such as partial sector access issue or it can be bad sectors. So users just need to use DFL Seagate firmware repair tool to fix the firmware issue and then use data recovery software to extract the data. If not many bad sectors, users just need to mount the hdd to pc and check all the data easily.

But if the drive has bad sectors in the ending part of this patient HDD, users need to use hardware disk imager such as DFL DDP data recovery tool to image the HDD and then extract the data.

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