ST1000DM010-2EP102 HDD Data Recovery Steps


This is one of users from India, he received a ST1000DM010 drive that was diagnostic port locked, this drive belong to Pharaoh_Oasis family, cannot scan or access to any data. And his client told him that all the files on the drive are very important. The user first tried to unlock it by himself but did not work out, he turned to Dolphin Data Lab for help and applied for remote support request on website.

Data Recovery Steps from ST1000DM010-2EP102

Dolphin Data Lab engineer performed the following steps:

1. Read ROM by COM; User can select a high baud rate to backup ROM faster.
2. Go to ROM Operations – Unlock – Unlock ROM (EX ROM File); pls note that we can select the original ROM path and save this unlock ROM under the same path, then DFL Seagate firmware repair program will generate the unlock ROM automatically.
3. Write ROM by COM; in this step it is important to select the unlock ROM to write, NOT the ROM. Another point is that we need to use higher baud rate 460800 for this family to write, lower baud rate may not work.
4. After the unlock ROM write complete, power off and on in COM terminal; We see message as “Tech Unlock Handshake: 0xXXXXXXXX”, this means the unlock ROM is good and is written successfully.
5. Go to ROM Operations – Unlock – Send Unlock Key; At that time, hdd status was changed from Busy to Ready.

We tried to scan the drive, it went very smoothly. Then use DDP module to check the data, all the files are accessible.

The user was very happy and satisfied with the results and thanked Dolphin Data Lab Engineer for the fast and helpful support.

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