ST31000528AS Data Recovery Steps-for Argentina User


This is another successful ST31000528AS Data Recovery case study for one new Dolphin user in Argentina.

This is one firmware damaged hard drive case study and users are able to enter the F3 T>. This’s actually very good news for the user because for All seagate hard drives, it is a must to access to F3 T> to repair the firmware corruption.

Patient drive ID:

Firmware version: CC46
Capacity: desktop 1TB

After confirming the patient drive had no further firmware corruption, the engineer went to DFL-DDP data recovery tool but the recovery program didn’t list the lost partitions.

Next the engineer went to scan the lost partitions and the lost partitions were easily found, the engineer saved the found partitions and the user found the lost folders and files.

All the lost data were perfectly recovered.

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