ST31000528AS Partial Sector Access HDD Data Recovery Steps


This is one Seagate ST31000528AS hdd data recovery case study with partial sector access problem and it’s fixed perfectly by DFL Seagate firmware repair tool.

For Seagate F3 hard drives-non-LM familes, it is possible to fix the partial sector access problems by the DFL-Seagate Partial Access auto repair utility, but for this drive, it could take very long time, cause’ only 1% of the data area was accessible.

This case study was for one Dolphin user in Sweden.

The Dolphin engineer helped the user to backup the important firmware modules including key SYS files and then cleared g-list, smart and then regenerated translator, but the hard drive remained partial sector access problem.

Next the Dolphin engineer entered the page of Edit Plist, loading the plist and then found there’re some non-SF defects contained in the P-list.

The engineer deleted the non-SF defects and then wrote the new plist and then regenerated the translator again.

Power off and on, scan the hdd and the data area was fully accessible.

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