ST4000LM016 HDD Head Comb is Available

When users have chances of recovering lost data from physically damaged Seagate ST4000LM016 hard drives, it can be head damage, motor swap stuck or contaminated hard drives, users need to swap the heads. When the heads are to be swapped, it is necessary users need to use one professional hard drive head comb to separate the heads for safe swap.

From now on, ST4000LM016 hard drive head comb is available with the level 2 head comb suite. When users order the level 2 head comb suite, users get the new ST4000LM016 head comb.

ST4000LM016 is one Seagate laptop hard drive parking the heads on the parking RAMP out of the platter. Users can use the new head comb very easily to remove the damaged heads and install the donor heads.

Users can order it from here.