Support Available Only For English Versions Of DFL Tools

Dolphin Data Lab has been selling all our data recovery tools with full-English version with full-English support and documents and here we must here declare non-English version of DFL tools and all our tools won’t be supported.

All Dolphin data recovery tools especially our DFL-DDP, DFL-URE, DFL-DE, DFL-FRP hardware and software integrated tools, all of them will be registered with users’ details including their country, user name, email and registry date. All these officially registered tools will get our full technique support and software upgrade.

Dolphin Data Lab will not support any non-English versions of DFL tools and and in case any non-English versions of tools are found in market outside of China by some un-known channels, these tools will not be supported and not upgraded too. If any users have any non-English versions of DFL tools, please don’t contact us for support as you won’t be answered at all.

If users or resellers find in the local market the non-English versions, please report to us and we will handle the issue.

Dolphin Data Lab keeps upgrading the English version of DFL data recovery tools and keep adding more documents for our official users. Within 2014, we believe all users with Dolphin Data Lab will  make even bigger success in data recovery business.