The Best Recovery Method for WD Palmer Charger and SPYG2ULT Hdds


There’re more and more new western digital hard drive data recovery cases such as WD10SPZX, WD20SPZX, WD20EZAZ, WD40NMZW, WD50NMZW, etc, their family names are: Palmer, Charger, new SPYG2ULT families.

These drives are mostly SEDed and auto data decryption is not supported by the available data recovery tools in the market. These drives are mostly MCU locked.

To recover these drives, users need to have at least DFL-DDP data recovery tool, DFL-WD HDD Firmware Repair Tool, Unlock PCBs, if physically damaged, users need to have proper head and platter swap tools.

The following is the best recovery method so far from many engineers and users:

1, Proper diagnosis on the patient HDD and find out if it is firmware or physical hdd failure, never treat physical damaged patient hdds as firmware damaged hdds, this will cause further damage on the patient hdd;

Suppose the patient HDD has firmware corruption, users can follow the following steps:

2, Get the right professional unlock PCB, write the patient ROM to the unlock PCB with HDD ROM Chip reader, no need to solder the rom chip;

3, Lock UA Writing;

4, Backup ROM, firmware modules and SA region(Copy 0 or Copy 1);

5, Test key firmware modules and find out which modules are damaged;

6, If firmware modules are not available or hdd is undetected, users can try to edit ROM, there’s one click menu in DFL-WD HDD firmware repair tool and then firmware restart and then re-enter program to backup firmware and diagnose firmware modules;

7, In many cases, users need to extract the original ID module and dynamic translator module and write these modules;

8, In some 0000 cases, users need to image by PBA but very slow;

9, Some slow cases are caused by heads, users need to swap heads to continue; Some slow cases still need time for further investigation;

10, After firmware repair, users usually need to set up head map and then image the hdd properly.

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