WD SMR Palmer Charger HDD All Sectors Zero Recovered Easily by DFL-URE or UREP


This is one patient WD SMR Charger HDD from one DFL user in China who has other data recovery tools but failed to get the lost data back due to the 190 loading issue.


Family: Charger
4 Heads
Microcode: 6008J
SPT: 1860

This DFL user contacted Dolphin team and bought DFL PCIe data recovery express recharge version and DFL-URE Plus and applied for remote support.

By DFL PCIe data recovery express, the user had safely backup the rom and firmware modules and tested the firmware modules and found the modules 189 and 190 are corrupted with checksum errors. At this time, the engineer had to backup the 190 by ATA but still some sectors failed to be read in module 190. The engineer repaired the module 190 by DFL-WD 190 repair solution and got new 190 and at the same time, the T2 data was extracted as one important part of 190.

By DFL-URE Plus, the engineer could connect the Charger USB HDD directly, before loading T2Data, all sectors were found as 0, next the engineer selected the menu ‘Edit Head Map in RAM and Load T2’ and the engineer loaded the T2 data automatically.

After T2 auto loading after power reset, the engineer went to check data area again and the hex data becomes normal.

Next the engineer went to file extraction and the lost partition, folders and files were perfectly listed and finally all lost data was recovered.

Watch the video here on How to use DFL URE UREP to Recover Lost Data Easily from WD SMR HDDs Suffering All Sectors Zero:

Any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add Dolphin Skype ID: dolphin.data.lab

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