4tb wd external hard disk accidentally format data recovery


I have 4tb wd external hard disk purchased one month before. I accidentally click on format hard disk become 0 byte. I use some data recovery software but no data show. How to recover data?

This is one email from one single pc user asking for data recovery solutions to recover lost data from above WD 4TB external hard drive.

For this kind of format case, the recovery chance is on the windows os and users can confirm the failure detail by checking the hdd by winhex and find out if all sectors are 0000 or not.

Some format cases cause all 0000 and the data is gone; and some other format cases don’t affect the hex data much and the data is still there.

If the format case doesn’t have other failures, users just need to use data recovery software such as r-studio to scan lost files.

If the format case has bad sectors or firmware corruption, users need to use data recovery hardware tools such as DFL-SRP all-in-one data recovery equipment or DFL PCIE data recovery express to fix firmware issue or image the patient HDD or users need to use DFL-DDP to recover lost data by file types.

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  1. Hosain Vakily
    Hosain Vakily says:

    I have a WD external 4 TB SMR hard drive which accidently has been quick formatted. Viewing its sector by hex editor shows all sectors has changed to 0000. Before quick format 3 TB of disk has data on it.
    Is there any chance for data recovery.

    • Stanley Morgan
      Stanley Morgan says:

      Hello friend, it is possible to fix the all sectors 0000 issue by repairing the module 190 with DFL data recovery hardware tools. You can send your drive to one local data recovery center with DFL tools or if you have DFL tools, you can apply for remote support to fix the case.

  2. Vinay kumar
    Vinay kumar says:

    About 4tb wd external hard disk accidentally formatted showing 0 byte..I use r studio recovery software,all sector showing 00000,any possibility to recover.


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