DFL-URE Plus Recovers Portable External Hard Drives


DFL-URE Plus is able to connect all USB external portable hard drives directly and if these drives are detected, users can run disk image, selective head image, partition image, data-only image, file extraction, raw recovery, etc.

Physical head damage or weak-heads cases are very common cases for external portable hard drives. For these drives, users need to swap heads first in clean room environment and then connect the portable hdd to DFL-URE plus for imaging or file extraction.

If the portable drives have firmware corruption, users may need to convert the USB PCB to SATA interface. Users can use DFL firmware repair tools to fix the firmware issue and then install the original USB PCB back to HDD and then connect the portable drive to DFL-URE plus for imaging or file extraction.

For many WD SMR HDD recovery cases, such as the new 800041, 800067, 800069, 810003, 810012, 810033 and 810035 portable drives, DFL-URE Plus is very helpful to get data directly without beging affected by the data encryption issue.

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