DFL-URE Plus Recovers USB Flash Drives


DFL-URE Plus is one very cost-effective data recovery hardware tool, it is very easy to use. All IT specialists or data recovery engineers can use DFL-URE Plus to fix many common data recovery cases.

In this article, users can learn how to use DFL-URE Plus to get lost data back from USB flash drives.

With DFL-URE plus, users can image patient USB flash drives to file or to disk or to VHD/VHDX, or users can extract files directly from the USB flash drives. Users can scan lost data or can extract lost files by file types.

To recover USB flash drives by DFL-URE Plus, the flash drives need to be detected in the UREP, if it is not detected due to controller damager or firmware corruption, users cannot use DFL-UREP directly for recovery, users may need chip-off tools to read data from chips, analyze the chip data and restructure the data and finally use DFL-UREP to get the lost data from USB flash drives.

The highlight is that when the USB flash drives are unstable or have bad sectors, users can use DFL-UREP to image or extract lost data only if the drives are detected.

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