DFL-URE Plus Recovers NVME SSDs


NVME SSDs are more and more common in all data recovery labs worldwide but cannot find many professional nvme ssd data recovery tools.

DFL-URE Plus has one USB3.0 port and one NVME SSD port and therefore, users can use DFL-URE plus to image NVME SSDs or can extract files directly from NVME SSDs.

To run disk image or file extraction task, users need to make sure the NVME SSDs can be detected in the DFL-URE Plus, if the NVME ssds are not detected due to translator or other firmware failure, users need to wait until the NVME SSD firmware repair addon is released.

With DFL-URE Plus, users can image NVME SSDs with bad sectors or with some logical errors, users can get detailed settings to configure for each case for the best success rate of disk image and file extraction; Users can image to file, image to drive, image to VHD/VHDX; Users can scan lost partitions, recover by file types, recover selected partitions, folders and files; Users can run data only image and file image to save time and protect source drives.

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