This is one returning client from Brazil who has used Dolphin DFL data recovery tools for almost 10 years and now this client wishes to buy DFL-SRP USB3.0 all-in-one data recovery equipment to set up one new data recovery lab in another city. Read more

This is one new client from South Africa who wishes to start their data recovery business by Dolphin Data Recovery Start-up Suite.


This is one new client from Deutschland requesting to get Dolphin CCTV DVR data recovery software.

‘Pls send us your quotation for:
1x Dolphin DVR Pro plus 2 Years Update

Is your CCTV DVR recovery tool software only? ‘ Read more

This is one Dolphin returning client from Indonesia.


I want to ask do you sell ROM reader? How much is the price?
And how much is the price for DFL-URE?

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What are the best data recovery tools for recovering lost data from external hard drives?
How to repair a corrupted external hard drive without data loss?
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This is one of cases done by DFL engineer today for a Europe user. The HDD ID information cannot be identified, unable to read ROM and firmware module list either. Read more

DFL-URE data recovery equipment has now two versions: USB version and NVME version.

DFL-URE USB3.0 data recovery equipment has two USB3.0 ports connecting two USB devices for disk imaging or file extraction and DFL-URE NVME data recovery equipment has one USB3.0 port and one NVME port. Read more

ST5000DM000-1FK178 HDD Firmware Repair and Data Recovery Videos

Seagate ST5000DM000-1FK178 undetected hdd firmware repair solution?
Seagate firmware Repair tool to fix capacity 0 Seagate patient hdd? Read more

This is one of cases done by Dolphin engineer today for a Latin America user. The HDD ID information can be identified by program, firmware module list can be accessible as well, but has slow issue. Read more

This is one complicated but successful Seagate ST3500511CS HDD firmware repair and data recovery case study for one DFL user in India.

Model ID: ST3500511CS
Capacity: 500GB
Firmware: CA14 4k
Donor HDD FW: SC13 512 bytes

The original patient HDD failures:

1, Undetected;
2, User wrote wrong SYS files from donor HDD to patient HDD;
3, Couldn’t do any write operations, read only, all SYS write failed;
4, Com terminal reports process defect list error if translator regeneration.

The following are detailed steps using DFL Seagate HDD repair tool and DFL-DDP data recovery tool to get all lost data back:

Step 1: …

Step 9:…

Dolphin users can read all detailed firmware repair and data recovery steps in Dolphin user-only forum here.

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