Buy Data Recovery Euipment for Internet box HDD and Data Recovery from France


The following is one client from France who wishes to buy data recovery equipment from Dolphin Data Lab with two targets: one is to remove the internet box hdd lock and the other is to offer data recovery.

‘I visited your website and I am interested in the product “DFL-SRP All-In-One USB3.0 Data Recovery Equipment”.

I bought a lot of “Western Digital” mechanical hard disks (3000 pcs), some have difficulty recognizing by the Windows computer or by a USB interface. I think they have been locked by the manufacturer for sale by a distributor.

the hard disks come from internet boxes. When the hard drive is inserted into an internet box it is recognized, when I read it on a computer, it is locked. I have a message: “cyclic error”. we cannot initialize it

If I can remove the security and use them normally, your interface will be useful to me. All Hard drive are 2.5 ” format and new.

I have several computer stores in France. some customers start to wonder if I can do data recovery … on disks that do not start anymore, with bad sectors or which make noises .

Does the equipment you are selling allow this lock to be removed? It is also possible to erase the firmware of the disk and replace it with the original to unlock the performance of the hard disks.
What is the cost of the equipment?

The software offer many possibilities for data recovery….
I have watched some videos of the hardware, the software seems to be very easy to use?

Do you provide remote assistance for use when needed ?

Thanks you for your answer

Best regards’

For this client Dolphin team recommend Dolphin DFL PCIe data recovery recharge version and the user can not only remove the lock, but also start to offer professional data recovery services at a reasonable cost.

Compared with other data recovery equipment, the Dolphin DFL ones are easiest to use and we use DHL in default to ship our data recovery equipment worldwide, it takes 3 or 4 working days to France and each user gets 5 free remote support for free in the first two years.

Any question is welcome to or add Dolphin Skype ID: