Hitachi HCC543232A7A380 DVR HDD Unlock and Data Recovery


This is one Hitachi HCC543232A7A380 DVR HDD from one DFL user in Germany.

The user is trying to use DFL Hitachi HDD firmware repair tool to remove the DVR lock and access to the hdd SA area and data area. With DVR password in this hard drive, the user couldn’t even read rom and nvram and couldn’t read firmware modules too.

For this kind of Hitachi DVR HDD, users need to remove the PCB and connect PCB only to the DFL Hitachi firmware repair hardware and then users can access to the NVRAM.

After access to the NVRAM, users can click DVR unlock  and then simply wait until the log window shows DVR unlock success.

Next the user simply install the PCB back and the user found the ROM, NVRAM and firmware modules were accessible and the data area was accessible too.

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