Toshiba HDD Firmware Repair Tool New Software Upgrade is Available

The new software upgrade program-Version 1.571 is available for DFL Toshiba HDD firmware repair tool and this is one big improvement on all the Toshiba hdd firmware repair functions for both bad sector repair and data recovery.

Please note:

The new functions have two parts: one part is for hdd refurbishing which will destroy data and the other part is for data recovery.

New improved firmware repair functions for hdd refurbishing:

1, New algorithm for cutting zones;
2, New algorithm for cutting heads;
3, G to P improved;
4, Scan to add Defects to G-list or Plist;
5, Create DVR unlock ROM

New improved firmware repair functions for data recovery:

1, Physical head map editing;
2, Virtual translator;
3, Clear G-list;
4, DVR unlock ROM can be also used for data recovery purpose;
5, Turn off flash permanent cache for SSHD;
6, Change disk configuration;
7, Backup ROM at a higher speed.

Dolphin team will release other new hdd repair and data recovery tools and functions soon.

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