Dolphin Team are Shipping New DVR NVR HVR CCTV Data Recovery Tools Worldwide


Dolphin team have released the latest data recovery tool-Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version for DVR NVR HVR CCTV HDDs and SD cards and are shipping by DHL express to worldwide users.

Trial version for this DVR CCTV tool is available by email to

For users from data recovery companies, computer forensic companies, law enforcement agencies or other data centers, the Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version is one very good choice to help you to access the DVR NVR HVR CCTV HDDs and SD cards, access to normal surveillance videos, recover lost videos by accidental deletion, malicious deletion, surveillance hdd or sd format or surveillance device initialization.

With 55 video surveillance systems supported, users can use either fast analysis or deep analysis to access to the surveillance HDDs or sd cards to recover the lost videos for the best result. When there’re a large amount of videos, users can quickly find out the target videos by dates and time filtering. In case of any interruption due to the analysis process, users can easily stop the analysis at any time and continue the analysis from where it stops last time. For the whole case the users work on, users are able to get one detailed report saved in the preset working directory.

In case the video surveillance system is not supported for the moment, users can image 20GB of the DVR NVR HVR CCTV HDDs and SD cards and then submit to Dolphin team, Dolphin engineers are able to add it support for upgrade in a short time and Dolphin team offer 3 years’ software upgrade to all users.

Users can place an order here for the Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version, before the purchase, users can use the DVR CCTV data recovery software trial version to see if your videos can be recovered or not.

Any question is welcome to or add Dolphin Skype ID: