Many law enforcement agencies worldwide had sent many emails asking for solution to remove the password from the Hitachi HGST HEJ423220H9E300 200GB hard drives and access to data and this case study will introduce how to use DFL-SRP USB3.0 for Hitachi/IBM HDD firmware repair tool to remove the password. Read more

DFL-Hitachi HDD Repair Tool is one very professional Hitachi hard drive firmware repair hardware tool. This tool contains both hdd repair hardware and software.

This Hitachi HDD repair tool supports Hitachi IBM and Hitachi ARM and also some older Hitachi hard drives.

With Hitachi firmware repair tool, users can find it very helpful in the following cases: Read more

This Hitachi HUA722020ALA331 patient HDD is from one DFL user in India.

This patient HDD could be detected within the DFL-DDP data recovery hardware tool, but when trying to access to the file extraction interface and list the lost partitions, the hdd got hang there. Read more

This is one Hitachi HCC543232A7A380 DVR HDD from one DFL user in Germany.

The user is trying to use DFL Hitachi HDD firmware repair tool to remove the DVR lock and access to the hdd SA area and data area. With DVR password in this hard drive, the user couldn’t even read rom and nvram and couldn’t read firmware modules too. Read more

This is one Hitachi patient HDD data recovery case study from one DFL user in Colombia.

HDD ID: Hitachi HDS721050CLA662
Capacity: 500GB

When this hdd was received, the drive was not detected and no data was available for data recovery. Read more

This Toshiba DT01ACA100 patient HDD has weak heads and when trying to access the data , it is not possible and full of bad sectors.

When the DFL user in India found the hdd full of bad sectors, he was considering it as firmware issue such as the common Toshiba failure: Glist or translator failure. Read more

This is one data recovery case study on how to recover lost data from Hitachi 7250A7 firmware damaged hard drives. When trying to connect the hard drive and scan the hard drive, it shows source drive ID read error with error register on. Click virtual translator and after the operation is done, the hdd becomes ready without error. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has released the latest Hitachi hard drive firmware repair manual with the latest program of our DFL-FRP for Hitachi. The following is the manual index and summary and we will send this detailed advanced manual to those who have bought this tool, if you have already Hitachi firmware repair tool, pls. send email to to request this manual for free. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has completed the DFL-FRP for Hitachi hard drive firmware repair and password removal tool and the first version 1.0 will be released very soon.

For existing users with DFL-FRP hardware, whether it’s DFL-FRP for Seagate, DFL-FRP for WD or DFL-FRP for Seagate and WD, users can easily buy the Hitachi firmware repair program and have it supported in the same hardware. Read more