Buy Top-class Data Recovery Equipment In Norway

Dolphin Data Lab has recently entered partnership with Proservice AS in Norway who will take care of the local sales and technique support in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Dolphin head office in China insist in offering the best technique support to all Dolphin users, but due to the time zones’ difference, it becomes difficult for some users and therefore, support from Dolphin resellers become critically important.
Dolphin firmware repair tool, data recovery equipment, head and platter swap tools become more and more popular across the European continent and Dolphin will set up more local resellers in Europe for more professional  sales and technique support to the final users of Dolphin tools.

Proservice AS in Norway is one very professional and friendly IT support and data recovery service supplier and they always deliver the best services to the final users who lose their valuable data and now by entering the partnership, Proservice AS has owned all latest data recovery tools and solutions from Dolphin Data Lab and the most important, Dolphin team will offer more technique support to our resellers and partners and more people will get their lost data back.

The following are the official contact details of our Norway reseller:

Proservice AS (Norway, Denmark, Sweden)

Spjelkavikvegen 55, N-6010 Aalesund, NORWAY
Phone:   70 14 11 11
Einar Gaaseide
Email :

Any more question is welcome to