Congratulations To Dolphin South Korea Reseller’s Fast Growth

Daegu Datarecovery Shop has cooperated with Dolphin Data Lab for almost two years to offer local sales and technique support in South Korea and they have done excellent work there by gaining a lot of happy Dolphin users.

Dolphin data recovery tools especially the DFL series, such as DFL-SRP USB3.0 all in one and DFL-URE USB3.0 data recovery equipment are the most popular equipment for all engineers in South Korea.

These data recovery equipment are very easy to use with either laptop or desktop, portable and mini-designed to be carried anywhere with data recovery needs, powerful to handle different failures from bad sectors, firmware corruption, password and even physical failures, the most important, these equipment are not expensive based on the quality, support and resources Dolphin users can get from the reseller and Dolphin head office.

Daegu Datarecovery Shop is now offering comprehensive data recovery services to all local clients requiring data recovery, they can always deliver quicker and higher success rate to the clients and become very much competitive in the data recovery market in South Korea.

Daegu Datarecovery Shop imports all Dolphin Data Recovery tools in the unique official channel from Dolphin Data Lab and are now bringing quickly these tools to more and more data recovery engineers in South Korea for their data recovery success, all users from South Korea get support from both Daegu Datarecovery Shop and Dolphin head office.

Dolphin team will offer more special data recovery technologies and support to the reseller and it’s believed all parties, the local end clients, Daegu Datarecovery Shop and Dolphin Data Lab will finally achieve the win-win-win happy results.

Dolphin offical reseller in South Korea:

Daegu Datarecovery Shop

1670-19, Daemyeong 11-dong,  Nam-gu, Daegu, Korea 705-041
Phone: 82+010-9353-6692
Contact : Mr. Bae Jong Ho
Email :