Criminal Police Department in Germany Buy DFL Data Recovery Tools

Dolphin DFL data recovery tools are widely used by data recovery companies, IT engineers in some big enterprises, law enforcement agencies, government sectors, etc.

This client is from one Germany police department working for Crime Investigation.


“Dear Sir and Madams,

I work in one Police department from Germany. I have read the product information on your website. I have been looking for the bypassing from USB drive passwords in cases. What is the price list for your products and where can we buy it?


Technical Engineer 
Criminal Police Department 
Germany “

To remove passwords from WD USB hard drives, it depends on the types of password, ATA password, third-party software password (Smartware Password), MCU password, SED, etc.

Users can use DFL-WD firmware repair tool to remove most of the passwords. For ATA password, one click to remove the password. For smartware password, some cases can be removed, some not, depending on the encryption chip, for MCU password, need to use special unlock PCB to unlock the hdd and access the rom and SA, for SED, users can enter kernel model to access SA, easy to DFL WD tool.

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