Set Up a Full Data Recovery Company in Ghana with Dolphin Data Recovery Tools

Dolphin team have some happy users in Ghana and the following is one of them and now run their data recovery business successfully.


I live in Ghana and am setting up a Full Data Recovery company. I am interested in your tools. I will be grateful if you could assist me in deciding which equipment I have to buy as well as the cost of the equipment.

My company wants to launch data recovery for the entire West Africa regions so please give me information of your top notch products.”

Above client from Ghana has complete professional hard drive data recovery solutions from Dolphin Data Lab and if any pc user from Ghana wants to recover their lost data, Dolphin team will forward you the right contact details for professional recovery.

If other clients from Ghana want to set up one data recovery company, Dolphin team will offer you the most cost-effective data recovery hardware tools and solutions. Any question is welcome to or add Dolphin Skype ID: