Libya Data Recovery Engineers Set up one Data Recovery Lab

“After greeting

I’m Mohammed from Libya and I want to know my data recovery hardware price of below:

  • Data Recovery DFL-PCIe 4X Data Recovery Express 
  • DFL-SRP All-In-One USB3.0 Data Recovery Equipment

Is there a subscription to the program after the purchase and technical support for Hardware how long after the purchase. I want to know how to pay and ship to Libya

Best Regards
Mohammed |Tripoli, Libya”

This is one new client from Libya who want to set up their data recovery lab with DFL data recovery hardware solutions.

As for DFL-SRP and DFL PCIe, the only difference is on the hardware design. DFL-SRP is USB3.0 portable design for both laptop and desktop pc while DFL PCIe is PCIe design for desktop pc. DFL-SRP has 2 SATA ports and 1 IDE port and DFL PCIe has 3 SATA ports and 1 IDE port. Each port is independent and users can recover multiple hard drives at the same time.

Users will get 2 years’ free software upgrade and two years’ free technique support and free forum support.

Dolphin team will ship all data recovery tools by DHL express and it takes 4 or 5 working days to Libya normally.

If other users from Libya are interested in setting up one professional data recovery lab, please email to or add Dolphin Skype ID: