Start a Data Recovery Business in South Africa

This is one client from South Africa who wishes to start a data recovery business with Dolphin data recovery tools and solutions.

‘Good Day.

I trust that you are well. Please assist me, I would like too know what the best way is to recover data from a hard drive that is encrypted.

I would also like to start offering this data recovery as a service, and start my own business. Please can you assist and guide me to the correct place to start?

I’m an Electrical Engineer in South Africa, and have years of electronic training and work experience.

Looking forward hearing from you.

Thank you,


As an electrical engineer in South Africa, this most important is to get easy-to-use professional data recovery tools with good technique support.

To fix and recover lost data from encrypted hard drives is just one data recovery solution and all Dolphin users get more data recovery solutions from Dolphin team to recover lost data from patient drives with bad sectors, firmware failure and physical head and platter failure.

To find out which data recovery tools to buy, users can find details here.