DFL Unique Data Recovery Tips for WD 2060-810011 CARMEL HDDs


Recently Dolphin users in many countries reported one special data recovery case on the new Western Digital WD20EZAZ-00L9GB0 hard drives, the HDD family is CARMEL and the PCB number is WD 2060-810011.

These WD20EZAZ-00L9GB0 hard drives have MCU lock and users cannot access to the ROM and firmware area.

Usually, users need to swap with special unlock PCB, write original rom or solder original rom chip to unlock PCB, install unlock PCB to patient HDD and then turn UA lock on, backup rom, firmware resources and SA region and then start to test firmware modules and repair damaged firmware modules.

For some Carmel HDDs, above steps are correct but for some other cases, these steps can cause full disk 0000 cause’ the dynamic/secondary translator is damaged.

Dolphin team will share the special data recovery tips in Dolphin user-only forum and all users with Dolphin data recovery tools can read these tips from the forum.

Users can read complete data recovery tips here.

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