WD Palmer Charger HDD Recovery Video Guide


Dolphin Data Lab has created one video on how to recover lost data from Western Digital Palmer and Charger families.

Palmer and Charger family PCB numbers and Models:

WD10SPZX-21Z10T0 2060-800066 (SATA)
WD10SMZW-11Y0TS0 2060-800069 (USB)

2060-800068(Type C)
WD WD20SPZX SATA PCB: 2060-800065
WD WD20SDZW USB3.0 PCB: 2060-800067
WD WD20SMZW USB3.0 PCB: 2060-800067
WD20SMZM: Type C PCB 2060-810003
WD20EZAZ-00GGJB0 2060-800077-003 REV P1

To recover these Palmer and Charger drives, users must buy special unlock PCB to access to ROM and firmware area and the following is the video guide with detailed steps on how to recover these drives


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