WD40NMZW-11GX6S1 Forgot Smartware Password Data Recovery


This is one of success cases done by DFL engineer today for an Ecuador user. The drive has smartware lock.

Patient drive: WD40NMZW-11GX6S1 PCB: 810041
Firmware: 01.01A01 Capacity: 4TB

Reported Hard Drive symptoms
I have a 4TB Western Digital Hard drive, this one is Spyglass family that had smartware password but the hard drive was formatted. The original USB-PCB is 800041 and I have a compatible SATA-PCB 800022. I can’t unlock smartware in this kind of drive.

WD40NMZW-11GX6S1 Data Recovery steps

1. Short connect on TV9 and TV10 and backup the ROM.
2. ROM operation – Click the menu-Disable 02
3. Execute – Firmware Restart and then exit current program interface
4. Re-enter the program- back up firmware resources;
5. Click Remove Smartware Password and click slow fix;
6. Test firmware modules and see if there’re some other firmware module corruption;
7. Enable Module 02
8. Execute – Firmware restart and then exit the current program interface and re-enter the program again

All the data can be accessible after above operations.

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