Here is the video on how to recover lost data from WD10JMVW 11S5XS1 undetected hard drives without data access.

Patient HDD ID details:

Model number: WD10JMVW 11S5XS1
Family: Firebird
PCB: 2060-771823-000
Head number: 4

If users enter DFL-WD hdd firmware repair program, the HDD ID couldn’t be detected properly and the firmware modules are not accessed too.

To recover lost data from this kind of cases, users need to short connect TV9 and TV10 and enter program, backup ROM, disable 02, firmware restart, re-enter the program.

After above steps, the firmware modules were already available.

Next the engineer went to click the common repair-Slow fix and unlock smartware.

Next the engineer tested all the firmware modules and found out which modules were corrupted. The module 32 was corrupted, the engineer found one donor 32, wrote to hdd and cleared the module 32.

Next the engineer enabled module 02, firmware restart.

Next the patient HDD was perfectly fixed and the data area was accessed too.

Next the engineer opened DFL-DDP data recovery program and all lost data was perfectly recovered.

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To recover lost data from Western Digital undetected portable hard drives is very common data recovery case in all data recovery labs.

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This is one of success cases done by DFL engineer today for an Ecuador user. The drive has smartware lock.

Patient drive: WD40NMZW-11GX6S1 PCB: 810041
Firmware: 01.01A01 Capacity: 4TB
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This is one of success data recovery cases done by DFL engineer today for an Australian user. The patient drive cannot read PCB information and module list.


Patient drive: WD10TMVW-11ZSMS4
PCB:2060-771692-005 REV A
Family: HELIOS Capacity: 1TB     

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Today when our Dolphin data recovery engineer was working on one Western Digital Spyglass 4TB hard drive, one new slow issue was found on the patient hard drive.

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WD HDD palmer, charger families are pointing to the new western digital hard drives of PCB 800066, 800069, 800067, 800065, etc. To recover lost data from these new hdds, it is more difficult than to recover lost data from traditional western digital hdds.

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