WD40NMZW-11GX6S1 Spyglass New Slow Issue


Today when our Dolphin data recovery engineer was working on one Western Digital Spyglass 4TB hard drive, one new slow issue was found on the patient hard drive.

Drive ID:

5 platter(s)

Microcode: 0001004V

The patient hdd was SA locked, users cannot read the ROM and modules directly. After using the standard DFL repair methods, users can easily get the ROM and modules read and written successfully. But finally when trying to access the data area, it is very slow for all sectors.

The engineer has fixed the standard 02 slow issue but it didn’t work for this case. The Amercian user has tried to swap the heads, the situation is the same. The American user tried also to put the donor heads back to donor hdd and it works well too which means the platter is ok.

The engineer has found this as one new slow issue and is working on to give the solution asap in the near software upgrade as one common solution.

Dolphin team will share more interesting data recovery cases with all users so that users can save time and some resources.

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