Ongoing Data Recovery Training Courses for Dolphin Benin Customer

More and more Dolphin users are flying from all over the world to attend our comprehensive or advanced data recovery training sessions. Recently Dolphin team have received users from US, Nepal and Benin to join the courses.

In the early of April, April 8 to April 12, we have offered a customized and advanced data recovery training courses for a US customer. This customer has been working in this industry for almost 17 years, they can handle most of the cases by themselves. But for some new hard drives and new data recovery problem, they feel they still lack enough experience and knowledge, for example the Seagate partial access problem drive, so we designed a customized advanced training for them. According to their’ feedback, the success rate of data recovery increased after training completed, and they are very happy and satisfied with this tailor- made course.

From May 6 to May 10, we have users from Nepal attended the comprehensive training courses, they got the first-class data recovery resources, support documents, videos, the most important, they learned the years’ data recovery experience and some special skills to handle the complicated data recovery cases others cannot fix.

The ongoing training course is taking place from today May 13 to May 17, and the user is from West Africa Benin. He only has software recovery experience and have not tried hardware and software combined tool before. Our experienced engineer is teaching him patiently. Also we have arranged a lot of real hands on opportunity for him to try and practice.

For all Dolphin students, they can get the certificate of excellence once the course completed.

Besides, our summer training will be held in about August, it is open for register now. Whether you are trying to start a data recovery business, improve your data recovery skills or setup one in-house data recovery lab, welcome to attend Dolphin training, it is one great opportunity to help you empower yourself and realize your goal.

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