New WD 800069 800066 WD10SMZW HDD Data Recovery Solution

There’re more and more new Western Digital hard drives such as WD10SMZW with PCB number 800066-SATA and 800069-USB.

For these new hard drives, they have main chip lock and users cannot access to either firmware area (including SA and ROM) or data area and it’s not possible to recover the lost data from these drives so far with any data recovery tool available in the world.

Dolphin team have just found found the manual data recovery solution from these drives and users can ship these drives to Dolphin data recovery lab in China for urgent recovery. Users can email to to get a free quote.

WD10SMZW Common HDD Failures:

1, HDD ROM read error;
2, ID module damage-Slow initialization error;
3, SA locked-SED error;
4, HDD gets stuck and self-zero fill, pls note, if users use low level format to zero fill, not possible to recover data but if self-zerofill, it is possible to get data back;
5, Slow image;
6, Ready and detected but not accessible to data;
7, Other firmware module damage.

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