This is one successful physical western digital hdd data recovery case study for one user in Vietnam.

This patient drive was received with clicking noises. This patient drive was one WD 2TB MyPassport USB3.0 hard drive.

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How to recover lost data from WD10SPZX, WD10SMZW, WD10SDZW and HTS541010B7E610 hard drives with main chip lock?

Many data recovery engineers fail to recover lost data from these drives due to lack of firmware repair tools which can work with the ROM and SA. None of the known data recovery tools or firmware repair tools are able to repair and recover lost data work with these drives.

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How to recover lost data from WD WD20SDZW, WD20SPZX and
WD WD20SMZW hard drives? Many data recovery engineers have this kind of cases but none of them are able to get the cases fixed due to the main chip lock.

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There’re more and more new Western Digital hard drives such as WD10SMZW with PCB number 800066-SATA and 800069-USB.

For these new hard drives, they have main chip lock and users cannot access to either firmware area (including SA and ROM) or data area Read more

This Western Digital WD40NMZW-11GX6S1 patient drive had many bad sectors with not much data, to recover the lost data from it was easy with DFL-DDP data recovery tool.

When the user brought this 4TB patient drive to Dolphin data recovery lab, it’s said there’s only 400GB data stored inside the drive which is only 10 percent of the whole drive. Read more