Special Data Recovery Tips for Spyglass Palmer Charger


According to the feedback from DFL users, many data recovery engineers have received more and more new WD patient hard drives of Spyglass, Palmer and Charger families and their PCB numbers are 800041, 800022, 800066, 800069, 800067 800065, etc.

It’s not easy to recover lost data from these families, specially the ones manufactured after July 2019 with new algorithms of USB to SATA encryption.

For old patient hard drives of above families, users can easily convert the USB to SATA interface or swap with compatible SATA PCBs or swap with unlock PCBs and then users can access to the SA and fix the firmware corruption and then users can use DFL-DDP to image the patient hard drives or extract the lost files.

Please note for the spyglass hard drives, the compatible 800022 PCB is not unlock PCB, it is just compatible SATA PCB, users need to short connect tv 9 or tv10 or connect PCB only to enter the SA.

For new hard drives of above families, after converting the USB to SATA, the data is encrypted and the data cannot be decrypted with old decryption algorithm.

So users need to learn how to decrypt these HDDs after converting the USB to SATA interface. Dolphin engineers will teach DFL users on how to decrypt these HDDs and then get the lost data back.

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