IT Security and Virtualization Company from Brazil Expands to Data Recovery Business

This is one new IT engineer client from Brazil who wishes to enter data recovery field.


This is Carlos Roberto and I have an IT security and virtualization company and I’m looking at the data recovery and disk market.

I’m thinking of starting a new data and disk recovery company, but I really do not know exactly what I need with regards to equipment and software so I can recover SATA and SAS disk data with or without RAID configuration.

I was looking at your website and I saw that you sell equipment and software, plus you have the courses of these solutions that you sell

What do you recommend for me to buy software and hardware and what courses should I take to have the knowledge I need to work in this area?

Can you give me an idea of ​​the investment that I should to do?

Thank you!’

To enter data recovery successfully, it takes time and patience and ofcourse money specially for complete data recovery hardware solutions and therefore it is very important to find the most cost-effective supplier.

From Dolphin Data Lab, users offer many data recovery training materials in pdf and videos for free and most users can use our tools well by learning from those materials without attending advanced training courses.

After users buy Dolphin data recovery tools, users can minimize the time to get their investment back. What data recovery tools are the best to start a data recovery business, please check here.

If other users from Brazil wish to start a data recovery business, please email to or add Dolphin Skype ID: