Establish a beginner level data recovery lab

This is one Dolphin client from Turkey who wish to start a data recovery business with Dolphin data recovery tools.

‘Hello Dear Authorized,

I am ibrahim. i’m new to data recovery. I want to establish myself a beginner level data recovery lab. It is very important that the costs are low for me in the first place. my data recovery plan is smartphones and hard drives. I want you to help me in this matter. I request you to inform me of the necessary information and relevant prices.

Best Regards’

All users from Turkey can contact Dolphin local sales and support center in Turkey.
Dolphin data recovery tools reseller list here.

For beginners, users can consider DFL PCIe data recovery recharge system, low cost but very professional and complete data recovery solution. Besides, users can also consider Dolphin head and platter swap tools too. Users can buy many second-hand hard drives to open and practise head and platter swap.