Start a data recovery business in the UK in 2021

The following is one enquiry from one UK client and Dolphin team have already some users in UK who are using Dolphin data recovery tools and hdd repair tools with good success rate.


I am looking to start a data recovery business in the UK. I am ideally after your recovery suite that interfaces with the PCI-E slot, how much would that be?’

As for DFL PCIe-4x data recovery express, it has two versions: the DFL PCIe data recovery recharge version and DFL PCIe data recovery unlimited version.

If users want to start a data recovery business without too much pressure,DFL PCIe data recovery recharge version is the best choice, users can pay by special recharge mode, only when users have cases, users recharge to fix the cases. Users can easily get cases done by Dolphin remote system and the get payment from users and then recharge until the data recovery tool becomes unlimited;

If users have a good budget, it is suggested to order the DFL PCIe-4x data recovery express unlimited version, users don’t need to recharge many times and can get some discount too for completing the payment one time.

Users will get special data recovery training u-disk with many free data recovery training materials, users can read pdf documents, can watch data recovery videos, can join forum discussion, can chat lively by skype with Dolphin engineers.