Romania Client Wish to Start a Data Recovery Business with DFL Data Recovery Tools

Hello Dolphin Data Lab :)

I am contacting you in order to obtain more information about purchasing products focused on recovery data from your company. In the near future, I have in plan to start a business in Romania, Sibiu city, focused on IT Solutions. Besides the solutions we already have in plan, I would also like to add this part of data recovery on our plan.

So, my question will be like, if is possible to have this collaboration in order to purchase equipments for a company in Romania and more than that what are the minimum products and trainings needed to start in this area of data recovery in such a professional way.

For the moment, that being said, I am gladly waiting for your reply and hope it will be in a positive way. Wish you all the best!  

Dolphin team ship all data recovery tools worldwide and offer advanced data recovery training courses too. Users will get also data recovery donor parts and other support for running a data recovery business successfully.

If other clients from Romania are interested in start a data recovery business, please email to or add Dolphin Skype ID: