DFL Data Recovery Hardware Connection Guides All In One


Dolphin Data Lab has the following DFL series of data recovery tools and the following is the complete data recovery hardware connection guide helping new users or those who are interested in Dolphin data recovery tools learn more and have one genernal view on how the tools work.

To connect the DFL data recovery hardware, users need to connect the following:

1, USB cable between the hardware and PC of either laptop or desktop;
2, External power supply to the data recovery hardware;
3, Hard drive COM cable between the hardware and hard drives or COM cable between the PC and hard drives;
4, Hard drive power cable between the hardware and hard drives;
5, Hard drive data cable between the hardware and hard drives;
6, Other kind of adapters/converters.

DFL-SRP USB3.0 data recovery hardware connection guide

DFL-SRP-Connection-1 srp-ide-connection

DFL PCIe DRE-4x Data Recovery Hardware Connection

PCIe-DRE-Connection-1 DRE-IDE-drive-connection

DFL-URE USB3.0 Data Recovery Hardware Connection


DFL COM Cable Connection

COM-connection-1 COM connection right-2 COM-Connection-right  connector-right-2 connector-right-1 COM-connection-wrong-2 COM-connection-wrong-1

DFL Fujitsu COM Connection Guide


Dolphin users can download the full COM Connection PDF manual here.

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