Dolphin Team Has A Perfect Combination On Its Data Recovery Software Control Panel

Dolphin team keeps working hard to offer all Dolphin users with greater success and efficiency and from now on Dolphin team have gone further on its software integration.

All dolphin users can use the same software setup and upgrade program for all available Dolphin DFL data recovery tools.Before this, Dolphin team has released software setup and upgrade program differently for DFL-URE data recovery hardware, DFL-DRE, DFL-FRP, DFL-DDP, DFL-SRP, SRP for ST, SRP for WD, SRP for Hitachi, etc, users may find many different names of programs but now users just  need only one software for all data recovery hardware, that is the DFL all in one setup program.


After users install the all in one software, users will get the DFL Cpanel icon on the desktop, users simply put the activation file to the All In One-DFL Progs folder and the cpanel will automatically detect the registered modules with the hardware. Users can connect multiple DFL data recovery hardware to the PC and the Cpanel will list all the hardware name and all the software modules registered.

Dolphin Users can very easily find the software setup and upgrade program from the same forum and easily finish all upgrades. Users can easily get the software modules licensed by demands.

With this perfect combination, it’s believed Dolphin users can save time for greater success with Dolphin data recovery tools. Dolphin team are adding more new data recovery functions to the tools and are releasing them in the near future.

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