DFL-DDP And DE New Upgrade V1.505

After adding a lot of new data recovery features to the DFL-DDP and DE V1.5x, Dolphin team are working very hardware to make them work stably and perfectly.

The latest version to be released-V1.505 and this version can be used for either DE or DDP.

The following new changes have been implemented within this new version:

1, New Samsung drives are supported for selective head image and the algorithm is further optimized;
2, New Hitachi drives are supported for virtual translator fix;3, Reverse image for imaging to file is restored (users can use it when you have target drives with large capacities);
4, Selective head image supports heads up to 16;
5, Set Max LBA for all hard drive brands is added;
6, Independent channel read/write tech is adopted and users can really work on multiple drives at the same time without affecting each other;
7, Software codes optimization for more stable imaging;
8, Easy switch between COM and ATA modes;

Dolphin Data Lab is adding more new data recovery features to our DDP and DE data recovery tools and is releasing new versions in the near future.