Dolphin Classified Customer Management System

Dolphin Data Lab, as one top-class seller and manufacturer of data recovery tools, firmware repair tools and physical head and platter swap tools, has created our unique classified customer management system.

Within this customer management system, three categories were set up: Confidential customer, Secret customer and Top-secret customer.

Dolphin Data Lab protects all the clients’ privacy including clients’ name, contact details, company details, order details, accounting details, etc.

Category 1: Confidential customer

For this level of confidential agreement, customers are mainly from IT companies (laptop/PC repair shops, PC after-sale centers, IT computer centers or small enterprises, etc.), data recovery companies or one-person data recovery service suppliers. The client details are available internally within the Dolphin company for arranging shipment, handling accounting issue, subscriber issue, technique support issue, clients’ marketing plan, clients’ certificate issue, etc. On request of clients, Dolphin may release part of the clients’ information to help with client’s success in data recovery field, otherwise, all clients’ info are kept as confidential information;

Category 2: Secret customer

Dolphin Data Lab has signed secret customer agreement with some big data recovery companies, forensic data investigation organizations and some big enterprises and special organizations or customers who require a higher level of privacy protection. Dolphin team won’t release any of the clients’ information to the public or any unauthorized third-party and only people at the position of manager or a higher level are able to access to this customer group.

Category 3: Top secret customer

This is the top level of Dolphin customer group and all customer information within this group is kept as top secret. Within Dolphin team, only one person-Dolphin CEO has rights to access customer details to deal with the whole purchase process, support and any other issue. The customer information, all or part of which, shall not be disclosed to any others in any means. Customers from this group are usually from Government agencies, military agencies, big enterprises or organizations with special request on this one.

Dolphin Data Lab is completing and perfecting all customer related management policies and will offer more professional and efficient customer-care services to different groups classified.