One Click To Fix SIM Error 1009 Of ST1500LM003

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Hard drive ID:

ST1500LM003-9YH148; Firmware: CC9F; Capacity: 1.5TB
The patient hard drive gets ready but when entering the COM terminal, the user got SIM error 1009 and RW error.

When running the logical scan, the users got bad sectors from the very beginning.

The user entered directly F3 T> and select the Sim error 1009 fix and within one minute, the DFL-DDP USB3.0 repaired the firmware failure automatically. When users scanned again the patient hard drives, bad sectors are gone and the COM terminal error messages were gone too.

The user went to file extraction interface and recovered all lost data fast.


patient-hard-drive bad-sector-full-disk

sim1009-fix-by-ddp file-list-recovered-by-ddp   successful-scan-good-status

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