DFL New All in One Software Upgrade V1.812 on March 22 2019

Dolphin Data Lab keeps working hard to improve and add new data recovery solutions for all Dolphin users for their better success rate and now the new version V1.812 is available in the Dolphin user-only forum.

What’s new in this new software?

DFL-DDP Data Recovery Program V1.9

1, Improve further on disk imaging ability;
2, Improve further on file extraction ability;
3, Improvement on Hitachi 3.5″ virtual translator for partial sector access issue;
4, Improvement on one-click USB-SATA encryption solution;
5, Adding more Seagate common repair solutions, such as the media cache editing for F3 hard drives this will help to fix many Seagate slow imaging problems;
6, Adding and improving SYS reset functions to fix some firmware corruptions caused by SYS failure.

DDP is working better and more smoothly.

DFL-ST Firmware Repair Program V2.01

1, Improvement on auto ROM voltage detection;
2, Improvement on Edit ID in RAM;
3, Adding more Seagate SED unlock support with new unlock database;
4, Improve further on Seagate Rosewood LM partial sector access auto repair solution, easier to use and higher success rate;
5, Adding and improving the NoHost Busy solutions on hard drives of 3F family;
6, Improving the auto head temperature adjustment in RAM and ROM to recover lost data from patient hard drives with inappropriate flying height.

DFL-WD Firmware Repair Program V2.728

1, Improving smartware unlock solutions;
2, Common slow repair and translator loading in RAM;
3, Editing the module size in RAM to fix some cases with bad sectors in RAM;

DFL-Samsung Firmware Repair Program V1.33

1,Improvement on Samsung common firmware repair solutions;

DFL-Toshiba/Fujitsu Firmware Repair Program V1.471

1, Toshiba ROM read by COM in different baud rate is added;
2, Improvement on Smart on/off, ECC error on/off, Flash permanent cache on/off (SSHD full disk bad sectors);

DFL-Hitachi/IBM Firmware Repair Program V1.35

1, Improvement on Hitachi 3.5″ virtual translator for partial sector access issue;
2, Initialize HDD to fix some undetected hdd by initializing hdd from backup fw.

Any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add Dolphin Skype ID: dolphin.data.lab