ST2000LM007 Capacity 0 Partial Sector Access Data Recovery Steps

This is one Seagate ST2000LM007 Patient hard drive data recovery case with multiple firmware failure and even physical failure, however, the user from Italy has successfully got all the lost data back with DFL Seagate hdd firmware repair tool and DFL DDP data recovery tool.

Patient HDD ID:
Model number: ST2000LM007-1R8174
Head number: 4

Failure symptoms:
Capacity 0
Partial Sector Access
After power off the hdd, the hdd returned to be capacity 0 even after the firmware repair, that means the heads are read-only.

To fix such kind of ST2000LM007 patient hard drives, users cannot power off the HDD.

Users need to use DFL ST firmware repair tool to backup the original nglist, primary defect list, translator and ROM and then unlock the patient HDD and then clear glist and regenerate translator.

If above operations fail, users need to check the defect records within the NGlist and properly edit it with DFL-ST firmware repair program.

In many cases, users can use the original nglist to fix the partial sector access problem but in some cases, this will not work and the partial sector access remains after all possible operations.

Then users need to use the DFL Seagate LM auto partial sector access repair function by two modes: Quick mode and Precise mode.

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