ST1000LM014 Seagate SSHD Data Recovery Steps


This is one successful Seagate SSHD data recovery case for one Dolphin user in Nepal.

When the user received this case, the patient hdd was not detected and capacity is 0. The user tried some traditional Seagate hdd firmware repair functions and steps but failed.

The user got the following error messages in the COM terminal:

Dolphin engineer helped this user in Nepal by Remote support.

Patient HDD ID:

SN: W7729NEL
Capacity: 1TB

The engineer tried to backup the important firmware modules, clear g-list, clear smart and regenerate translator but the hdd was not repaired at all.

Finally by detailed diagnosis, the engineer found the problem was caused by internal damage in the ROM. The engineer edited the ROM by DFL Seagate firmware repair program and wrote the new ROM to the patient HDD.

Power off and on, the patient HDD was repaired and all the lost data was fully recovered by DFL DDP data recovery program.